XWiki Enterprise 9.7 RC 1 Crack

XWiki Enterprise 9.6 / 9.7 RC 1 for Windows

XWiki Enterprise 9.7 RC 1 Crack

Pro-grade Wiki engine for creating websites using Wiki, blog, comments, user rights, LDAP authentication, PDF export, and others

XWiki Enterprise is a professional Wiki engine that features Wiki, blog, comments, user rights, LDAP authentication, and PDF export, among others.

Featuring support for scripting and extensions, it contains an advanced form and scripting engine for developing data-based intranet applications and public websites. It’s ideal for project collaboration within teams.

The tool contains a powerful WYSIWYG editor for modifying documentation, along with Wiki syntax for creating and designing objects. It gives you the possibility to import data from Office, CSV, XWiki pages and other Wiki content type, seamlessly organize content by grouping docs by domain, merge pages to create apps, integrate databases, attach files, as well as manage user and group permissions.

It’s possible to customize skins, templates, menus and CSS files, remotely access XWiki using a DAV client, allow thorough Wiki searches with wildcards, view logs, share Wiki pages via email, build an index with all pages and attachments (including orphaned pages and deleted attachments), review previous page versions and compare different versions, as well as export Wiki pages to PDF, HTML, ODT, RTF or XML format.

Furthermore, XWiki Enterprise facilitates various Wiki-related statistics, permits you to modify attachments using WebDAV, shows a directory of all Wiki users, contains a macro to quickly upload and select attachments, supports scheduled tasks, and enables you to send email invitations to join Wiki.

System requirements

  • Java 8 or greater
  • A Servlet Container supporting Servlet 3.0.1 (Servlet 2.4 for XWiki versions < 7.0)
  • A JDBC 4 Driver for your database (JDBC 3 was required for XWiki versions < 7.0)
  • Enough memory

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