XLTOOL – Excel To Tally Software Crack

XLTOOL – Excel To Tally Software Crack Download

XLTOOL - Excel To Tally Software Crack

A simple Excel template that offers you a pre-made document you can fill-in with your own data and export as an XML file for Tally.ERP 9

XLTOOL – Excel To Tally Software (formerly known as SMART – Excel To Tally Software) is a Microsoft Excel tool that enables you to easily convert column data to Tally.ERP compatible XML sheets. You simply need to add the required data about stocks, ledgers, purchases, clients and related information, then follow the instructions included to save the data to a XML file suitable for Tally.

Simple tool for creating Tally input data

XLTOOL – Excel To Tally Software is a reliable tool that comes as an Excel spreadsheet template and enables you to easily convert the existent data to the proper format, then save it as a XML file. The template includes a preset template in which you simply need to enter the required data, then convert the columns to row format.

The template file contains several worksheets, including mLEDGER, mITEM, Single, VAT, Multi and Stock. Each sheet is designed to help you import the data from a specific column to the required row. For instance, from the mLEDGER you can import the Masters ledgers accounts data, while from the VAT sheet, you may easily extract VAT vouchers entries.

Column converter

The CTR sheet contains the table template for custom information, created so you can easily convert the column wise data to row wise format. Additionally, you may import fields from the Voucher entry, such as Ledger A/C name and amount, narration, voucher number, stock inventory numbers, Godown, batch number and bank cheque details.

Moreover, the Master Ledger field contains the name of ledger, address, inventory or tax definitions that you can easily import to your file. Also, from the master Stock Item fields, you can extract name of stock item, group alias, Godown, as well as standard cost rate, sell rate and time stamp.

Extract data in Tally.ERP format from Excel in a few clicks

XLTOOL – Excel To Tally Software is especially designed for those who require XML format sheets, for editing in Tally.ERP. The tool offers you a convenient environment where you can enter the required data, then translate it into a supported XML file. You need to simply fill in the data to the proper sheet template, export and save it to XML format, then import it in your business managing software.

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