XChat Azure 1.18.11 Crack

XChat Azure 1.18.11

XChat Azure 1.18.11 Crack

An easy to use application that provides quick access to a native front-end for the XChat IRC program and can be used free of charge

Communicating via IRC channels is extremely popular in some circles and probably each user has it’s own favorite IRC client. XChat Azure is one of the options and provides a collection of basic tools packed in a simple and organized interface.

Simple to use IRC client based on xchat2

Working with XChat Azure is fairly easy: when you first open the application, you must setup your user information, select the networks to which you want to connect and then enter different chat rooms.

The XChat Azure application allows you to use a nickname, a user name, your real name but also a second and a third name choice. In the networks list you can browse the list predefined servers and you can also easily add your own. To start chatting all you have to do is select a host name and press the Connect button.

Make it simple to chat using an IRC network via a user-friendly interface

This way, you will able to view the selected network’s activity and the available channels in the XChat Azure main window. If you want to connect to another network, navigate to the File menu or use the Command+S hotkey to open the Network List window again.

The XChat Azure menus include many more useful functions: you can switch to invisible mode, receive wallops or server notices. Moreover, the Usermenu entry contains some of the most frequently used commands: Join/Leave channel, Server Links, Ping Server or hide version. You also have the possibility to quickly add new options.

Customizable and streamlined IRC client for the Mac

Further customization options are available through the XChat Azure Preferences window. You can modify interface elements (the text box, the input box, the user list, the channel switch, colors and more) or details related to chatting actions or to the network setup.

In a nutshell, XChat Azure is a very easy to use IRC desktop client that provides a collection of basic but efficient tools that can be subjected to customization.

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