WiseStamp 4.21.10 Crack

WiseStamp 4.21.10 Crack

WiseStamp 4.21.10

WiseStamp 4.21.10 Crack

Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome extension that connects to the WiseStamp service and helps you access your defined signatures via the email compose panel

The WiseStamp online service offers you the possibility to create and manage multiple signatures in an attempt to help you create a good impression to the recipients of your messages regardless of what email address you are using: personal or work.

The service also features companion add-ons for the Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome web browsers designed to streamline the entire experience. Note that WiseStamp works only with the Google and Yahoo Mail services.

Unobtrusive add-on that seamlessly integrates with your web browser

The WiseStamp add-on installation procedure follows the standard guidelines regardless of the host application you want to use: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. In addition, the WiseStamp icon will be visible only when working with your email, so the browser will not get cluttered.

Worth mentioning is that if you want to manage or edit signatures, you will be directed to the WiseStamp web application: the add-on menu just allows you to select the signature preset you want to apply.

Register for a WiseStamp account and start managing email signatures

In order to be able to use the WiseStamp service, you have to register for an account: you can do that free of charge, but keep in mind that you need a premium subscription to get access to all supported functions and create an unlimited number of signatures.

The next step is to navigate to the Gmail or Yahoo mail pages and start composing new email messages. You will be able to see the WiseStamp icon in the bottom area of the compose window, and quickly select the signature you want to apply to the current message.

Companion add-on for the WiseStamp email signature manager

Bottom line, the WiseStamp Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome add-ons are designed to facilitate the access to the signatures you have created within the service. The add-on icon will be added to the compose window when writing messages in Google or Yahoo Mail.

However, to further edit your signatures and create new ones, you will be directed to the WiseStamp web application in a new browser tab.

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