Wildfire 1.2.9 Crack

Wildfire 1.2.9 Crack

Wildfire 1.2.9

Wildfire 1.2.9 Crack

Create custom automation workflows that can be easily simulated in your Chrome web browser to help you while testing new software

Wildfire is a Chrome extension that provides support for workflow automation and can work in tandem with other software testing solutions, such as Selenium.

The Wildfire extension enables you to record workflows and replay the simulations as many times as you like, while the events are logged each time. Note that you can also modify the simulation behavior.

Chrome extension that can record automation workflows in no time

To deploy the Wildfire extension, you need to navigate to the appropriate Chrome Store entry in the host app and press the “Add to Chrome” button. The Wildfire icon will be placed next to the address bar, and via the associated panel you can start or stop the automation recording, or launch the Dashboard panel.

While recording, each of your actions goes in the Wildfire Event Log so you can easily review the info at a later time. The actions can then be replayed within the built-in simulator functions.

Worth mentioning is that Wildfire is able to record popular DOM events, but some actions have to be added manually via the editor. The recorded data is stored on your current machine, but you do get to export the event log using a proprietary file format.

Run simulations, explore the event logs, can create custom workflows

Within the Wildfire Dashboard, you get to see the recorded automation, run simulations, and even review event and simulation logs to identify errors. When running an automation, you will be able to view the actions in the Simulator window, so you can also detect possible issues on your own.

Each automation can be reviewed in the Workflow Editor, where you can easily add or remove events, or just change their type: you can start or end the recording, add mouse clicks, change/switch/remove tabs, input data, set variables, paste data, and so on.

Furthermore, Wildfire also integrates scheduling capabilities, which means that you can run a particular automation at the certain time and even set recurring patterns. To learn all that you can achieve using the extension, make sure to visit the Documentation tab in the Wildfire Dashboard panel.

Workflow creator and simulator for Chrome that is still under development

The Wildfire approach to workflow automation proves to be rather intuitive and easy to use even by inexperienced users, even though the tool comes with extensive customization capabilities.

However, the Wildfire project is still under development: the Cloud function that would allow you to sync the data to all your devices is not currently available, although you can get in touch with the developers to participate

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