WhoisThisDomain 2.33 Crack

WhoisThisDomain 2.33 Crack

WhoisThisDomain 2.33 for Windows

WhoisThisDomain 2.33 Crack

Get accurate details and relevant information regarding any registered domain from WHOIS server with the help of this straightforward app

With a very self-explanatory name, WhoisThisDomain is an application supposed to help users get information on a specific Internet domain with minimum effort.

The program sets itself apart from the rest with a very clean and well-organized interface that shows users the required information without any other configuration options.

WhoisThisDomain initially prompts you to build a list of the domains you wish to be checked, while it then retrieves the information and shows it right in the main window.

Each checked domain comes with details such as source, status, domain status, expiring and creation date, last updated date, registered to and private registration.

Aside from this main tool, WhoisThisDomain also comprises a report generator to save the displayed information to HTML and access it at a later time without launching the program. What’s more, you can save only one item as TXT, along with all the available information.

The good thing is that WhoisThisDomain works smoothly on all Windows versions and retrieves domain information in just a few seconds after inputting the URLs. An Internet connection is obviously needed, but the program doesn’t affect system performance at all.

All in all, WhoisThisDomain is definitely a tool that may come in handy to those who want to get domain information in a quick way. It runs on very low resources, it provides a great amount of details and can be safely used by both beginners and those more experienced despite the lack of a help manual.

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