Weava Highlighter Crack

Weava Highlighter Crack

 Weava Highlighter Crack

Highlight content from any website or online PDFs, as well as thoroughly organize them with the help of this user-friendly and useful Chrome extension

Highlighter tools are quite useful when it comes to learning and are almost imperative for research procedures.

We all know that web browser extensions are quite convenient but, the truth of the matter is, there aren’t many smart tools for text highlighting out there. It shouldn’t surprise you then that most browser extensions of this sort are somewhat limited.

All the more reason for checking out Weava Highlighter. Its name makes it transparent that it can be of service for highlighting content from both the Internet and from online PDFs but what it does not say is that it can also help you organize it into collections.

Novice-accessible and efficient by all accounts

This, of course, means that it makes it extremely straightforward and convenient for you to keep track of sources of your highlights or even review them later if you just want to condense the meaning or to entrench an idea further.

If you have ever installed a Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store before, then you should have no problem doing the same with this one. To get started, you required to first log in using your official Google credentials.

Much more than your humdrum highlight tool

Click the extension’s small icon, and you are instantly greeted by a modern-looking and stylish UI. Getting to grips with its functionality is by no means challenging. Just select a piece of text from any website and then make the highlight stick by creating a new Collection using the pop-up menu. Collections are each associated a color of your choosing, and they can be easily managed from the app’s retractable menu (by clicking the hamburger menu button).

Once a few collections are created, it will be even easier for you to highlight a content since, from this point onwards, you will only have to pick the associated color in order to save the specific content. Your highlights are neatly displayed within the app’s vertical UI. It almost goes without saying that you can organize the highlights with the help of few buttons or with the help of drag and drop gestures.

Highlight content, organize it in collections and access everything from the cloud, all with the help of this nifty Chrome extension

To conclude, Weava Highlighter is a very practical and well thought-out extension for Chrome that will surely come in handy for users who do a lot of research online.

Sure, more features are always to be desired but, in the end, this extension really ticks all the right boxes. It’s easy to install, it smoothly integrates with Chrome, requires a Google account to log into (almost everyone has one), and it’s reasonably competent at highlighting text but even better when it comes to organizing it. The fact that it allows you to access your data across multiple devices with ease is also something worthy of your consideration.

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