Wappalyzer for Firefox 5.1.2 Crack

Wappalyzer for Firefox 5.1.2 Crack

Wappalyzer for Firefox 5.1.2 for Windows

Wappalyzer for Firefox 5.1.2 Crack

Uncover the technologies used on web pages you are visiting with the help of this Firefox browser extension that displays all the relevant info right in the toolbar

While the average user may have a simplified perspective over the websites they are visiting, once they start inspecting the layer under which both harmless and malicious technologies swarm, they may have quite a surprise.

Wappalyzer for Firefox is a browser extension that can act as an icebreaker since it provides users with various details about what lies behind the very content they are met with whenever visiting a web page.

Can track all the technologies a website employ

First things first, it need be mentioned that the Firefox addon’s modus operandi is quite straightforward, with an icon in the toolbar providing you with all the relevant info, as is also the case with the Chrome version.

And since we have touched upon this subject, it is worth pointing out that the extension is capable of spotting advertising networks, cache tools, photo galleries, remote access, javaScript frameworks, content management systems, analytics tools, and much more.

Can analyze your interaction with any web page

Since you cannot configure the behavior of Wappalyzer for Firefox in any way, it will prompt you with comprehensive reports each time you want to check your interaction with a specific website. However, that does not mean that your workflow is in any way interrupted by the extension since it only completes an analysis once you click its icon.

The name of each technology in part is listed along with the category it belongs to. You also have the option to click on each entry and find out more about it.

Firefox extension offering useful insight

All in all, Wappalyzer for Firefox is a software utility that keeps you aware of all the more or less hidden elements each website contains. The informative value of such an app is quite important, with the deconstruction providing users with relevant insight.

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