Wake On LAN Ex 3.12 Crack

Wake On LAN Ex 3.12 Crack

Wake On LAN Ex 3.12 for Windows

Wake On LAN Ex 3.12 Crack

Wake up, restart, and shut down computers across a network or the Internet with the help of this comprehensive and user-friendly piece of software

Wake On LAN Ex is a lightweight application designed to help you power up any computer from your network remotely, by sending it a special message. Needless to say that it only works with computers that are configured to turn on when such a message is received.

With the help of this application, you can easily generate the ‘magic packet’ needed for starting up other workstations and send it over the network. The auto-discovery feature allows the program to automatically detect the existing network interfaces, enabling you to choose the one you want to send the data packet to.

The default ‘magic packet’ that Wake On LAN Ex creates includes a ‘wake up’ message, but you can also log-off, restart or shutdown the target computer remotely, or even send it network messages (using the ‘Net Send’ or the ‘MailSlot’ command) or custom instructions, such as launching an application.

The application can also ping the detected workstations, enabling you to configure the ping time interval, the con-current threads number and the time-out.

Wake On LAN Ex displays the name, IP address, MAC ID, the port, status, general notes, broadcast address and other information about the found network adapters, which you can edit with just a few clicks. This way, the auto-ping feature can be activated and you can have the target computer display notifications on status change or shutdown when an error is triggered.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the interface is clean and intuitive for any type of user. Its appearance is fully customizable, as you can change the theme and the toolbar style. In addition to this, the configuration settings can optionally be stored in the application directory, which makes the program portable and compatible with any removable device.

Wake On LAN Ex comes in handy to anyone who needs to wake up, shutdown, log-off or restart multiple computers from remote locations. The customizable actions make it a great tool for any network administrator.

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