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 VolumeMgr Crack

Effortlessly mount and unmount drives using this lightweight application that shows a list of all partitions and requires no installation

Mostly made for advanced PC users, VolumeMgr represents a graphical interface for the Windows API that makes it possible to mount and unmount volumes. It autodetects the volumes at startup and shows them in a list for your inspection.

The tool requires no installation, which means that you can double-click the .exe from the downloaded package to immediately bring up the GUI, as well as keep VolumeMgr stored on a USB flash drive to easily move it between machines and fire it up whenever necessary.

Take advantage of the Windows API to mount and ummount volumes

The main app window has a simple look and layout, showing the path name, disk and partition number, along with the DOS device for each volume. Options become available when opening the right-click menu, making it possible to mount and unmount volumes with little effort.

When mounting a volume, you can either assign a preferred letter or let the application do this automatically. Furthermore, you can remove DOS devices, copy volume names, ask the tool to show non-volume drives, and refresh the list to see if any changes were made since last starting VolumeMgr.

Simple GUI for a standard volume manager

Lastly, you can view volume properties with the device number, GUI, sectors per cluster, bytes per sector, cluster size, along with total and free clusters. This info can be selected and copied to the clipboard.

VolumeMgr doesn’t have rich features since there are other volume managers out there sporting more options and configuration settings. However, it’s free to use and takes advantage of the Windows API, which means that it doesn’t burden system performance more than it has to. Although it might seem intuitive, it’s best to leave it in the hands of skilled PC users since there’s a risk of unwillingly causing system errors.

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