Virb Edit 5.1.3 Crack

Virb Edit 5.1.3 Crack

Virb Edit 5.1.3 Crack

Virb Edit 5.1.3 Crack

Helps you effortlessly create videos with real life GPS information by importing and combining data files from compatible GPS devices

Raw footage cannot always convey all the details of your adventures: VIRB Edit is an easy to use Mac app that offers you the possibility to embed into your videos GPS data collected by the VIRB Elite camera or a compatible Garmin device.

VIRB Edit is a companion utility for the VIRB and VIRB Elite camera models: it can import movies from those devices and then allows you to edit the content or include GPS information.

Automatically reads the GPS data embedded in videos recorded with VIRB Elite camera

Since VIRB Edit shows the videos in the order they were filmed, browsing your library is fairly intuitive (you will also be able to view a thumbnail for each clip).

If you are using a VIRB Elite camera, your recording will contain GPS readings from the start, so all you have to do is extract and process the part you want to share with your friends.

Built-in basic tools for video editing, as well as GPS data embedding features

VIRB Edit provides elementary video processing tools that can be used to trim, rearrange or stitch movies. Besides, you have the possibility to add a soundtrack or to adjust the volume level or the playing speed.

The VIRB camera model does not come with GPS capabilities, but you can collect the data using another Garmin device and then combine the video and the GPS readings while making sure they are in perfect sync. This way, you can provide details about your speed, elevation, G-force, metrics, heart rate and cadence and more.

Easy to use app for creating videos with inbuilt GPS data from footage recorded using VIRB cameras

The edited videos can be exported as new files to your drive, or you can publish the content directly online by using your YouTube account.

All in all, working with VIRB Edit is relatively easy and intuitive: you will be able to add relevant GPS data to your videos, perform basic editing tasks and share the result with your friends and family in no time.

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