ViewedIt 1.46.0 Crack

ViewedIt 1.46.0

ViewedIt 1.46.0 Crack

Record your screen, your current browser tab, or your camera feed and quickly share the video with others by using this simple Chrome extension

ViewedIt is a Chrome extension that enables you to record video and audio content and share the captures via email or on social media. The content is uploaded to the servers, where it will remain stored for an unlimited time.

Video and audio recording tool that integrates with your Chrome browser

The ViewedIt installation follows the standard procedure: you need to navigate to the appropriate Chrome Store entry in the host application, press the “Add to Chrome” button, and then confirm the accessibility permissions required by the extension.

The next step is to log into your Google account and authenticate that the extension can access your system’s microphone so that your recordings will also feature audio content.

Within your Chrome window, you will be able to see the ViewedIt button placed next to the address bar and quickly activate the recording configuration panel with the press of a button.

Record your Chrome tab, the entire screen, or the feed captured by your camera

ViewedIt offers you the possibility to select both the video input source on each occasion: the current Chrome tab, your screen, or only the camera.

At the same time, you get to decide if you also want to include the content captures by the camera and microphone connected to your computer.

Once the recording is complete, ViewedIt will upload the video to its server and automatically opens the link to the video in the browser.

Note that you get to see the entire list of recorded videos in the ViewedIt panel and keep track of the ones you have shared on social media.

Video capturing and sharing solution that works within your web browser

ViewedIt aims to deliver a streamlined solution for both capturing video and audio content and sharing the recordings with others and keeping track of who is watching your video.

To make use of the ViewedIt extension capabilities, you need to grant it access to your microphone and camera. Consequently, you should connect to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) to make the sharing process possible (you can also send the link my email or just paste it from your clipboard anywhere you like).

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