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 Tunlookup Crack

Effortlessly translate words and expressions directly from your computer’s desktop with the help of this simplistic Electron-based app

Tunlookup is a cross-platform (also available for macOS) and an Electron-based piece of software mainly recommended for users who are looking for a quick and convenient way of translating text directly form the desktop and without having to resort to web browsers to do so.

And that’s not all this utility brings to the table. Another highlight of the app stems from the fact that it’s capable of storing your translation history, which can be later accessed even if your computer is not connected to the Internet.

Simple desktop app that allows you to translate texts

Other than that, the application itself is quite minimalist and fairly non-impressive, even though it does its job pretty well. It can be deployed on your computer in just a matter of seconds thanks to an automated installer, and it does not require any type of configuration in order to get it up and running.

Regarding practicality, it should be mentioned that the app has a built-in fullscreen mode, integrates with the taskbar and, just like all apps for translations, two separate panels (one for the original text and one for the output translation).

Not exactly what you would call a flawless application

Speaking of which, some users might find it very annoying that the utility automatically minimizes to the tray once you click anything anywhere its main window. Even though this feature somewhat makes sense, it would have been nice if you could disable it.

The text input field might just be the app’s biggest “niggle.” Not only it’s fairly tiny it’s also located in the bottom toolbar, in the lower right side of the main window, not exactly the most fortunate position for user-accessibility purposes.

A simple translation app that could prove itself useful if you’re willing to get past a few annoyances

Still, these are small issues which could be easily fixed in the following releases. The point is, Tunlookup is actually a fairly useful application which allows you to perform quick translations, store them, and access them later, even in offline mode.

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