Tresorit 3.0.1164.660 Crack

Tresorit 3.0.1164.660 Crack

Tresorit 3.0.1164.660 for Windows

Tresorit 3.0.1164.660 Crack

Store, synchronize and share data securely with the help of this application that provides you with quick access to a cloud-based service

One of the most circulated words in the computer world nowadays is ‘security’. Every way you look at it, security is always one of the most important factors to consider, especially when storing your files on a cloud-based server.

A file storing and sharing service that takes your data’s security very seriously

Tresorit¬†is a cloud-based and easy to use piece of software with a strong focus on keeping your files both accessible and secure. Lining up with the industry’s standard, the utility uses end-to-end encryption to make your files as safe as possible.

Furthermore, Tresorit automatically encrypts and updates any uploaded file. This means that any changes made to specific files are also backed up in the cloud.

Comes with support for the most popular mobile-based platforms

Subsequent to the installation process, to use the application, you first need to create a Tresorit account on the official website. Once this is taken care of, you can easily get started by uploading your files to the cloud server and sharing them.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the app comes with support for mobile-based operating systems such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Therefore, you can manage and access your files on the go using your mobile device.

Makes securely sharing files seem like a walk in the park

Working with Tresorit is quite an easy process, mainly thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The main window packs the most important features right on sight, with everything made even easier thanks to support for drag and drop.

You can effortlessly create new tresors, generate encrypted and very secure links and add or manage your contacts.

Easy to use and efficient cloud-sharing app

Taking all things into consideration, Tresor is an interesting app that provides you with quick access towards a very well thought-out file storage and sharing system. The utility features two of best things that make a good file sharing app, user-friendliness and a strong focus on security.

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