TouchMousePointer Crack

TouchMousePointer Crack

 TouchMousePointer Crack

Emulate a touchpad interface on your computer that you can customize to behave according to your needs and preferences with this application

In the eventuality that you are using a Windows tablet or other convertibles that sport touchscreens, then there is a chance that you noticed that it does not always run smoothly for many standard programs and websites.

TouchMousePointer is a tool designed to help improve the usage of tablets and devices with touch screens so that you avoid bugs related to roll-over effects or resizing windows.

Integrates seamlessly into the Windows’ toolbar

While the installation is a quick, uneventful and forthright process, you should make sure that you allow the application to create a shortcut to the toolbar, as otherwise, you cannot access it. As you probably hinted, you can open and manage the app from the System Tray.

Even though the program does not come with an interface per se, the windows available are intuitive, easy to navigate and unlikely to give you any troubles. As you probably hinted, launching the application entails accessing the Side-right or the Float, both of options bringing up the trackpad, but in different locations.

Packs a plethora of settings for customizing your usage

The highlight of the application stems from the fact that it packs a vast array of options that let you customize the behavior of the trackpad. Consequentially, you can personalize the single and double tap, 2-fingers, long touch, force move pad as well as the layout, just to name a few.

In addition, the utility enables you to specify when you can use the fake cursor, track line and sonar and enhance the appearance of the virtual keyboard along with the opacity of the float and side modes, for instance. Lastly, you can switch between a small light or a bright button for the icon, so that you can access it quickly.

A tool that can improve overall usage for Windows devices with touch screens

All things considered, TouchMousePointer is a straightforward utility designed to help you avert common usage bugs specific to Windows tabl

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