Tom’s AD Password Extender Crack

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 Tom’s AD Password Extender Crack

Prolong the user account password expiration date for the time when the computer is not connected to a secure network via this utility

If you are a network administrator, then you can find out when a user account password is about to expire by running %username% /domain in Windows’ command prompt. However, things tend to become slightly more complicated when users are often traveling and cannot access the company VPN or other AD components.

As the name suggests, Tom’s AD Password Extender is a tool designed to help administrators overcome this issue without breaking security protocols.

Allows you to view the past and present users in Active Directory

While the application does not require administrator rights for the setup, it is recommended that you run it via a user account with admin privileges, as otherwise, you may not be able to view the user accounts registered in the network.

As you probably hinted, once you run it, you can preview all user accounts that are gathered under that domain or just the ones that currently have expired passwords. This way you do not have to ask users to reveal their passwords or engage in other practices that can compromise the security of their accounts.

Extend the password expiration date with one click

The application is as simple to use as it looks, meaning that once you select the desired users with expired Active Directory passwords, you can extend it with one click. Consequentially, they are going to be able to access the VPN of the company along with other services that would otherwise be unavailable while they are away from the office.

Perhaps, the most important aspect here is that you do need to rely on unorthodox methods such as asking for the password or having users send it to you via unsecured channels. Moreover, you avoid the dreadful situation of them not being able to work at all while away.

A handy app that can help you avoid security breaches

All things considered,  Tom’s AD Password Extender is a simple to use utility that permits you to extend the Active Directory passwords, all without compromising the security of the user accounts.

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