TNTatlas 2017 Build 20170816 Crack

TNTatlas 2017 Build 20170816 Crack

TNTatlas 2017 Build 20170816 for Windows

TNTatlas 2017 Build 20170816 Crack

A useful software solution that makes it possible for anyone to load and analyse geodata information stored in a variety of formats

Viewing and analyzing geodata from various kinds of file types is definitely something only professionals and users with experience in this field would need to get entangled with. Since this activity requires a set of befitting tools, a utility like could come in quite handy.

Useful tool for managing hierarchical atlases

Well equipped for handling geospatial information, this utility brings a lot of features, but it doesn’t shine insofar the looks are concerned. The main focus for this program are hierarchical atlases, but it is just as good at dealing with other sorts of objects.

Thus, with TNTatlas it is possible to load and analyze vectors or shapes, large maps and imagery, with formats that include DWG, DXF, GeoTIFF or shapefiles, to name only a few. The viewing options that you can use from inside the application are diverse and range from zooming to various stereo modes, like anaglyph, interlaced lines or columns and split window.

Measure, sketch and annotate regions of maps

The toolbox that accompanies TNTatlas consists of several instruments for selecting, making annotations and more. The GeoTolbox which is part of the package allows you, among others, to measure, sketch and manage regions from the currently loaded file.

In case you want to use this utility with a GPS device, it is prepared for this too, so you should be able to easily connect a device, choose the protocol and adjust the port settings then set the polling interval to receive the needed data.

Specialized app that is geared more towards experienced users

For users who are interested in customizing the app’s running options in detail, there are many dedicated areas in which you can try various settings. On the whole, TNTatlas is definitely a complete package, but it is clearly addressed to experienced users who will be able to make the most of it.

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