TMS Flexcel Studio for VCL/LCL Crack

TMS Flexcel Studio for VCL/LCL Crack

TMS Flexcel Studio for VCL/LCL for Windows

TMS Flexcel Studio for VCL/LCL Crack

Enhance your application by adding it capabilities to generate files and native reports that are compatible with Microsoft Excel

TMS Flexcel Studio for VCL/LCL is a suite of Delphi components that provides you with a quick way to add file and report manipulating capabilities for the software solutions that you are working on.

The highlight of the library stems from the fact that it packs an extensive API that supports all versions of Excel, including the latest one. Not only does it allow you to read and write files, but also to manipulate complex spreadsheets without having Microsoft’s report tool installed on your computer.

Thanks to the powerful engine you can even create advanced reports using Excel as the primary designer. The direct advantage of this approach is that users who you share the document with can easily modify it or enhance it with images, comments, conditional formats, merged cells, charts and any other additions you want to include.

A further noteworthy capability is that it supports over 200 formulas, an aspect that makes it suitable for designing financial or business reports as well. If you are already working with a template, then you can seamlessly embed it into your compiler without having to distribute extra files.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the library packs detailed explanations and details on how the role of each function in the demo, so do not hesitate to check it out.

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