TaskTime 5.2.9 Crack

TaskTime 5.2.9 For Mac

TaskTime 5.2.9 Crack

An easy to use Mac OS X application that offers simple yet very efficient tools for recording the time spent working on a specific job.

Having a powerful time tracking solution is imperative, especially if you are a freelancer working on multiple projects for different clients. TaskTime is a Mac app designed to help you keep your records in order and generate invoices in no time.

Track both clients and projects in an organized environment

The TaskTime main window is featuring two main tabs: clients and projects. To get started, you must define at least one new client and assign it a project. Note that for each project you get to allocate a time period by setting up a due date. In addition, you may also use different rates for each assignment.

Monitor all the details related to a project

The TaskTime main window is strictly reserved to managing and visualizing clients and ongoing projects. To actually record activities related to a certain job, you must open the Project window.

Here you get to document all your working sessions by starting a timer (when you trigger a timer a new entry is automatically added to your sessions list). At the same time, you can store details about your expenses, add flat rates, record payments or notes, adjust the project invoice and more.

Generate reports for your activity

To help you analyze your productivity level, TaskTime offers you the possibility to quickly produce a project report, reports about your annual activity, about your daily sessions, or for a specific date range. Some of them can be sent directly to the printer, while others remain available only within the application.

Unsophisticated time tracking and billing solution

TaskTime provides simple tools for recording details about your projects, clients, working sessions, and much more. The information can then be used to generate invoices which can be sent directly by email or quickly printed. All in all, if you are looking for a way to monitor your activity, TaskTime certainly deserves your attention.

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