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Chat with numerous users on various channels by turning to this simple, command-line IRC client that requires little to no configuration

If you like keeping in touch with others or simply chatting, you are probably familiar with the concept of IRC and understand how it can help you communicate in a convenient manner.

Swirc is one of the IRC clients that enable you to chat with other users without significant efforts. All it takes is a command line window and some dexterity with its basic commands.

Simple IRC client

If you judge by its lack of graphic user interface (GUI), you might think that this application is quite complicated to use, as it offers you no clues about its functions or purpose whatsoever. Inputting “/help” in the app’s designated field only displays a list of commands, without any description of its functions.

However, once you get the hang of it and most importantly if you’re familiar with basic IRC functions it’s pretty simple to use. In order to connect to a server, you need to type its full address, as simply inputting its name triggers no effect.

Additional help needed

You can’t really guess the servers’ addresses, so you need to know them before attempting to connect. As stated before, it is not sufficient to know the name of the server, as you must also know the server’s address, which you can find by performing a simple search on the Internet.

Once you are connected to your favorite server, you can retrieve a list of channels by typing the “/list” command in the app’s window. The list of channels is usually pretty large, so if you want to browse it you’d better be patient.

Alternatively, if you already know the name of the channel you want to join, you can simply do so by using the “/join” command, followed by the name of the room. However, note that channel names must begin with a “#” symbol in order to be deemed as valid.

Extra functions

This app also packs a bunch of extra functions that can help you enhance your overall experience. You can access a list of banned users, set the app to administer a channel, kick users, view the time, change the topic of a channel and find extra information about a certain user.

Handy CMD-based IRC client

All things considered, if you’re looking for a CMD-based IRC client that can help you stay in touch with other users with minimum distractions. However, note that users who are not familiar with basic IRC functions might not benefit from its entire array of capabilities. Also, some of its functions might require additional help that isn’t provided within the app, so digging for a bit of extra information might be required.

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