Spreadsheet Compare 1.35.1 Crack

Spreadsheet Compare 1.35.1 Crack

Spreadsheet Compare 1.35.1 for Windows

Spreadsheet Compare 1.35.1 Crack

A handy add-in for Microsoft Excel that was especially designed in order to help users perform comparisons between any two spreadsheets

Putting two different spreadsheets side by side in order to spot the things that set them apart often proves a less effective method than using a dedicated tool. One possible candidate for this job may be Spreadsheet Compare, an add-in that integrates perfectly with Microsoft Excel.

As soon as the add-in becomes available from the corresponding section of Excel, you will be able to start making the necessary examinations on the target files. Basically, things should go in a simple manner, but there is more to it that loading a couple of files and pressing one button.

After choosing the target spreadsheets, the next step is all about the configuration of the process, so you can pick the way in which the files will be checked one against the other, as well as decide how the differences are treated. In case there are several worksheets contained in the original files, it is possible to select which of them to exclude and which to analyze.

One very important thing that has to be taken into consideration is the fact that Spreadsheet Compare alters the source files, so it is highly advisable to create backups for those workbooks prior to processing them.

The reporting function that is provided by Spreadsheet Compare helps a lot in establishing the future course of action. This add-in is also capable of creating a workbook with the merged differences and highlight them to make things more easy to follow.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Excel

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