SpotAuditor 5.1.7 Crack

SpotAuditor 5.1.7 Crack

SpotAuditor 5.1.7 for Windows

SpotAuditor 5.1.7 Crack

Feature-rich and simple-to-use application that reveals passwords saved in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Outlook and other platforms

SpotAuditor is a feature-rich application that recovers passwords saved in various platforms, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Outlook. It is able to perform searches on the local computer or remotely, provided that you have administrative rights.

The interface is not particularly attractive but has neatly organized options shown in the main panel. You can select the authorization method, scan mode (locally or remotely), and audit mode (password recovery, visited URLs, start run, installed programs, asterisk password uncover).

A list shows the host address, URL, resource information, user and password data for each found item. However, the unregistered edition does not show password details or let you save, copy or print the sheet.

In addition, you can remove Internet Explorer’s Content Advisor password, decode Base64 encrypted passwords, convert hexadecimal code to string, explore and delete IE cookies, as well as delete IE history and files.

SpotAuditor also lets you filter the list of supported platforms (in email passwords, browsers, messengers, FTP programs and other apps), minimize the tool to the system tray area, as well as enable logging.

The application is surprisingly light on the system resources, using a low amount of CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and quickly finishes a scan job, without causing issues to the operating system. In conclusion, SpotAuditor comprises some pretty useful functions for retrieving multi-platform passwords, and it mainly targets experienced users.

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