Spartan 17.05 Crack

Spartan 17.05 Crack

Spartan 17.05 for Windows

Spartan 17.05 Crack

An all-in-one application that works as a multi-clipboard, organizer, text and image editor that is both lightweight and efficient

Spartan is a comprehensive and user-friendly software utility that acts as a multi-clipboard manager allowing you to perform basic tasks like cut, copy, paste, delete and rename.

Accessible and straightforward interface

The application comes with a pretty intuitive interface that even inexperienced users can find it easy to work with.

The main window slightly resembles a MS Excel worksheet, but it consists of a yellow and a white area. The yellow area contains several cells in which you can cut or copy text, capture clips and save them to your hard disk. In the white area you are able to store only text or clips which you permanently want to keep. When you hover your mouse cursor over each cell, you can see its contents within a small pop-up window.

You can organize cells within the white area, by dragging and dropping their contents within other cells, then sort them alphabetically, rename them or highlight clips with different colors in order to pin point them easily.

Extensive set of options

Unlike similar programs, Spartan disposes of a wide variety of text cleaning options. Thus, it can remove font, size and color data, email chevrons, HTML encoding, high ASCII characters, single returns with carriage return or line feed pairs, surplus space characters and blank lines. Furthermore, it can add a blank line between paragraphs and perform wordwrap functions.

To make your navigation and work easier, you can activate commands using screen edge buttons or hotkeys.

Other advanced options allow you to enable sounds when new clips are captured, select image pasting options, choose the width of a picture in inches or centimeters, create graphic clips during file copying and strip all data from clipboard except plain text.

Final remarks

Spartan is indeed a handy application that comes packed with a year planner, a graphics and text editor, as well as an image browser. During our test we did not experience any crashes or system freezes.

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