SparkBooth 5.0.117 Crack

SparkBooth 5.0.117 Crack

SparkBooth 5.0.117 for Windows

SparkBooth 5.0.117 Crack

Instant photo booth software that you can use to convert your computer into a classic photo booth and take pictures of you and your friends

SparkBooth is a software solution that allows you take photos at different events by simulating a classic photo booth. The application provides different photo size choices and many configurable settings. You can use it at weddings, business events or other parties, provided that you have a webcam built into your computer.

It sports an intuitive interface that helps users to take multiple photos, and apply several adjustments on the go. Hotkeys are also available, but they cannot be reconfigured.

SparkBooth offers a predefined list with many photo layouts for creating a vertical 4-photo strip. You may toggle the full screen mode, enable sounds, hide the mouse cursor, and select from various theme presets. The program offers the possibility to preview the photos, to set the photo preview duration and pick a message font size.

Moreover, you may add some special effects to your photos (e.g. color, black and white, sepia, fomomatic). You can show a logo or text message on the screen, as well as select from different voice presets or add your own voice prompt.

It is possible to lock the application by setting up a password, so you cannot quit or exit the full screen mode while taking pictures. The app includes a printing option, and is able to automatically upload the selected images to different photo sharing services or social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and many others).

Furthermore, you can create multiple photo albums, enable the touchscreen mode, and email photos (via Postmark, SendGrid, or Mandrill).

The images can be exported to GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG. The output quality of your photos pretty much depends on the webcam you are using for grabbing pictures, and it is recommended to use one with a high video resolution.

To sum things up, SparkBooth is a handy tool for all users who want to create a photo booth experience. It bundles many useful features that make it an ideal tool for both beginners and experts.

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