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 Sonarr Crack

Monitor your favorite series and download a new episode from torrents as soon as it is released, provided it matches your criteria

Many people like to watch their preferred movie series to relax in the evenings, and if you are one of them, then you probably want to make sure you do not miss a single episode. Sonarr is one of the apps that can come in handy in this situation.

Browser-based application

It needs to be mentioned right from the beginning that this utility runs in your default browser, and it automatically opens a dedicated address: http://localhost:8989/. It goes without saying that you can copy and paste this address to another browser if you prefer to enjoy its functions in a different browser.

The user interface is quite intuitive, yet Sonarr is not made to be used by PC novices due to the many settings you need to configure before fully using its functions.

Looks for movie series and download missing episodes

The first thing you need to do to benefit from the utility’s features is to enter one or more keywords and search for your preferred series. Once you found it, the app will monitor online sources and grab relevant content using your chosen download client.

You get to specify if you want to monitor only future episodes, the ones that are missing from your current collection, the first season or the latest one. Furthermore, you can define the video quality you are interested in: SD, HD – 720p, HD – 1080p or all HD versions.

You can also choose the destination folder for each series, and you can set Sonarr to create a new folder for each downloaded season.

Supports Usenet and torrent sources

As previously mentioned, this software solution needs to track one or several online sources to be able to identify the newly released episodes. It is up to you to choose which sources it uses since it provides support for several Usenet and torrent networks – the same goes for the compatible download clients.

All in all, Sonarr comes in handy to all those who want to make the most of Internet’s power and download episodes with as little effort on their part.

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