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SnapSave apk 1.4 Cracked


SnapChat app users are familiar with the “this message will vanish” factor. That is after you view a message that is sent, it will disappear within seconds. With SnapSave, users can save anything that comes to their phone. There were many other ways to do this prior to the SnapSave Apk including taking a screenshot of the image or text. But SnapSave is the only method that does not alert the sender that their message is being saved. So, users can capture and pass on any SnapChat apk they desire.

SnapSave 1.4 apk is easy to obtain and very convenient and easy to use. You just download the app from the App Store. Your Snapchat account details are then used to log in. Once the app has been downloaded and you are logged in, all videos and photos can be downloaded and saved forever. If you want to return to Snapchat, it is easily done. All you have to do is tap a button. Switching between the two apps is easily done. Once you use the app to see your Snapchats, the app stores a version of the message or photo. A free version of SnapSave is available for download, but you can get a version free of ads that allows you to store the SnapChats to your Camera Roll for just $2.99.

Key Features

  • Save your stories and snaps to the camera roll
  • Post story and send snaps like Snapchat, even from the photo album or camera roll.
  • Create password protection
  • Support for both videos and photos
  • Supports Snapchat Stories
  • Store received videos and pictures to your device
  • The sender will have no knowledge that their message has been saved
  • Forward received snaps to others
  • Snaps can be seen even if you have deleted them from SnapChat
  • One tap to go back to Snapchat app

Main Pros and Cons


  • SnapSave gives users to the means to swiftly save photos on SnapChat.
  • There are some apps that can only be used in certain regions. SnapSave app be used anywhere o the globe as long as there is an internet connection.
  • The app is lightweight and does not affect the user’s phone battery or how the phone functions.


  • If there is a low or limited internet connection, the app will not work, so this can be quite problematic.
  • The app may crash unexpectedly as it is prone to bugs.
  • It can be used unscrupulously as senders don’t know that their messages or photos are being saved.

Most Common Users

SnapSave is mostly used by users of the SnapChat app who are trying to avoid being able to view messages for only a few seconds. It is also well liked by those who wish to save and photos quickly and send them with efficiency.

Author Note: SnapSave is a great free app that allows the convenience of saving SnapChat photos and posts. You can have your content on your device for as long as you want and view them as much as you want.


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