SessionBox 1.0.38 Crack

SessionBox 1.0.38 Crack

SessionBox 1.0.38

SessionBox 1.0.38 Crack

Connect to multiple accounts for the same online platform within a single Firefox or Chrome window with the help of this unobtrusive extension

Having multiple accounts on the same online platform is not uncommon yet managing them can get problematic: you can connect to a single account per browser or find third-party desktop clients that can handle the job.

SessionBox is a simple add-on that enables you to connect to multiple accounts in the same browser, without even having to use separate windows. The add-on comes with a version for Chrome and one for Firefox (currently in Beta).

Manage multiple accounts on the same platform within your Chrome or Firefox browser

To install the SessionBox extension on the Chrome host app, you need to navigate to the appropriate Chrome Store entry and then press the “Add to Chrome” button.

On the other hand, to work with Firefox, you need to open project’s homepage within the respective browser and press the “Install” button placed in the top right corner of the page.

In both cases, the SessionBox icon will be placed next to the address bar: activate its panel and input your credentials or opt to connect to the service in guest mode. Keep in mind that without an account you cannot sync your sessions to all your devices.

The SessionBox service enables you to register for an account free of charge, but to get access to unlimited syncing capabilities, different proxies for each tab, deal with bulk operations, and other additional functions, you need to upgrade your subscription plan.

Group sessions by different criteria and use color labels to make them more recognizable

Each time you configure a new session within the SessionBox panel, you need to provide a name and optionally change the automatically assigned color label, choose one of the built-in icon designs, and even assign it to a group.

SessionBox can keep the entries organized by website, but you can also opt to arrange them by session or by group. The add-on panel also includes a search box to help you find specific entries a lot faster.

Note that the color label assigned by the SessionBox extension to each session will appear next to the tab name, so you can easily navigate and differentiate between accounts. The best part is that the add-on can also use a different proxy for each session.

Work with multiple accounts within the same browser without interrupting your workflow

SessionBox eliminates the need to use multiple browsers or third party apps in order to manage multiple accounts for the same online platform, regardless of the host website.

The SessionBox add-on comes with Chrome and Firefox versions, and you need to sign up for an account to be able to sync the sessions to all your devices and access more advanced capabilities.

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