ScreenSteps 4.0.5 Crack

ScreenSteps 4.0.5 Crack

ScreenSteps 4.0.5 Crack And License Key Free Download

ScreenSteps 4.0.5 Crack

With ScreenSteps you can create a knowledge base your customers love. Help customers successfully use your product by providing better learning resources. The creation and maintenance of user documentation becomes a simple process with ScreenSteps. In turn these assets enhance enablement tools and speed customer and employee onboarding. ScreenSteps enables you to create visual user documentation, including articles, how-to guides and manuals. Further, it allows you to build a knowledge base for easy organization and maintenance. This way, you’re encouraging self-service among your customers and improving efficiency on both sides.

The published price is the per-month cost of a subscription. View full pricing info.

What’s New

Version 4.0.5:

  • Quickly insert links to headings in the same article using the URL toolbar button. The links are inserted as anchors (e.g., #my-anchor).
  • Modifying drag operations on Windows is now done with the Control key. Previously the Alt key was used which was not keeping with the Windows standard.
  • The order of items in the menu for inserting content blocks is now in sync with the web editor.
  • Linked text was being displayed in the wrong colors.
  • The order of the text formatting toolbar buttons is now in sync with the web editor.
  • Checking for updates on Windows was broken [regression].
  • Images copied to the clipboard from ScreenSteps would not paste into Paint and some other applications on Windows.
  • While resizing an image canvas using the handles the mouse would sometimes get stuck in resizing mode even after the mouse button was released.
  • If ScreenSteps crashed before an article window had been closed at least once then any changes that had been made were lost.
  • When starting a spell check session the contents of the text field being edited was not being saved first. The result was that spell check wouldn’t spell check what was visibly in the field.
  • NTLM authorization was not working.
  • An error would occur if you selected the Document > Insert Content menu and more than one row was selected.
  • Updating styles on all annotations was not saving the changes so the changes would be lost if you didn’t further edit each image prior to saving.
  • Trying to open the URL dialog right after deleting text at the beginning of a paragraph that was linked to a URL would not work.
  • Inserting a link to a heading now inserts the heading text if no text is selected.
  • Pressing return at end of line with text that had a link assigned to it would inserts an extra space at end of line before inserting the Return.
  • Clicking into the article title field would show the formatting toolbar on Windows.
  • The “Check spelling while typing” preference was not defaulting to on [regression].
  • Expanding all rows was not retaining the correct selection.
  • Under certain circumstances you would be prompted to save changes to an article that had not been changed.
  • Deleting the first content object in an article would select the document title afterwards rather than the next content object.
  • If the last content object being dragged during a drag and drop reordering operation was a heading you could drop the contents on that heading and trigger an error.
  • It was impossible to drag a content object from one article to another and place it in the first position.
  • Once you dragged a content block out of one article (A) and into another article (B) you could no longer drop a content block into the original article (A).
  • The View > Show Inspector menu was not working.


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.9.5 or later

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