Screen MP4 CAM 5.3 Crack

Screen MP4 CAM 5.3 for Windows

Screen MP4 CAM 5.3 Crack

 handy and flexible application that allows users to capture their desktop, whilst offering preset capture areas and encoding options

Capturing your screen can have a lot of practical uses, from creating step-by-step tutorials to problem reporting. In order to do so, you need a reliable program that can help you capture not just your whole screen, but also a certain area of it.

Screen MP4 CAM can offer you a software solution, by allowing you to focus on a certain screen area, then record it and save it as MP4.

Handy screen capturing tool

The application can help you record a particular screen area, along with any sounds playing at that time. The area can be either a preset size, or a custom selected one.

Furthermore, you can encode each video differently, depending on your preferences. You can go for high quality at the cost of size and speed or vice versa. In addition, you can record sounds, either from your system or captured from a microphone.

Advanced recording options

Screen MP4 CAM gives you the possibility to capture not only a fixed area on your screen, as you can set the application to track your mouse and record wherever your cursor is moved. This is a very useful feature, because you do not have to move the capturing area every time you want to record outside of it.

Additionally, the program allows you to draw with your mouse on the capturing area in order to highlight certain actions, steps or files. Besides, you can add a logo watermark to your recordings, in order to personalize each one. This logo can be previewed on images and texts, then restyled, so that it will not be too obtrusive or transparent compared to the overall view.

A powerful desktop screen recorder

Screen MP4 CAM gives you the possibility to record certain screen areas with ease, while offering you advanced capturing options that can make your videos look professional.

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