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Screen Dragons for Windows

Screen Dragons Crack

Place borderless photos on your desktop and drag them anywhere to decorate your desktop or to use as a reference for a color palette

Screen Dragons is an image viewer with a slightly different approach. While you can use it to load all the popular formats, it does not open the graphics in a standard window. Instead, it displays transparent and borderless images that can be placed anywhere on the desktop.

Context menu integration to quickly send an image to the desktop

Upon launch, the default image is displayed, representing a beautifully drawn and colorful dragon. Right-clicking on it reveals the application’s context menu containing all its settings.

You should start by toggling the “Context menu” option active, since this allows the shell integration of Screen Dragons. To be more specific, a new item is added to the context menu of your operating system, allowing you to open any image with Screen Dragons and place it on your desktop or on top of any other window.

On the other side, images can also be added to Screen Dragons using copy-paste actions, but there is no “Open” button. What’s more, copying and pasting works with RTF text, which allows you to obtain text watermarks.

Capture and save the loaded image to your PC

The frameless images opened with the Screen Dragons application are designed not to interfere with the windows they stay on top of, as long as you click inside the transparent area. Unfortunately, there isn’t any setting to make the picture completely see-through or adjust the transparency.

The loaded image can be copied to the clipboard using the designated option. Alternatively, there is a second choice: to grab a screenshot of both your transparent image and whatever is beneath it on the desktop.

With just a few clicks, you can open the location of the image, activate or disable transparency, or save the picture in PNG, JPG, or BMP format. On the downside, the images cannot be resized, so you will have to settle for the default dimensions.

Decorate your desktop, create graphic watermarks, build a collage or a color palette

Screen Dragons displays multiple alpha-blended and transparent images without a frame. It can be used to decorate the desktop with a bunch of pictures you like without using them as a background or place multiple pictures around your editing tool to use as a palette for a color picker. Furthermore, opened images can be placed anywhere and used as a graphic watermark.

On the other side, loaded images cannot be locked so you might find yourself focusing on the image rather than what is behind it. As a suggestion, loading multiple images and displaying them one after another as a slideshow would also come in handy.

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