S10 Password Vault Crack

S10 Password Vault Crack

S10 Password Vault Crack

 S10 Password Vault Crack

Store all of your contact details in a vault protected by a powerful password, with options to launch and automatically log into the specified online or offline services

S10 Password Vault is a software application that allows you to auto-login to any website using your account options stored safely on your PC.

You can set up your account so that it will log in after launch or use shortcut commands in any field of a website and even program to auto-type the correct information.

The program is available in two versions, as a standard installer and as a portable version, allowing you to run the software from a USB memory stick.

Clean design

The application’s window is very small unlike other programs that use large windows and a lot of confuzing buttons. No toolbars were used in this application.

The auto-remember function means that you will no longer have to remember all usernames/passwords and never have to switch back-and-forth between windows to copy/paste data, thanks to the auto-type built-in function.

High level of security

The first step when you start using the program is to define a master password which will be used to access the password vault. A good and strong password will be a mix of lower, upper and special characters and it is recommended to be as long as possible. A great idea will be to use a phrase as a master password but be careful not to forget your password since there is no way to recover it.

Military grade encryption

The data will be stored in a single vault file on your PC and encrypted using the 256-bit AES algorithm, which is the best encryption method used today and has the reputation of never being cracked.

For added protection, the Change Password screen allows you to add a generated key file on a USB drive thus eliminating the possibility of being cracked by password utilities.

The program supports for each account the definition of a website or program file which will be launched later.

Multiple websites or programs feature is supported and comes in handy when username/password is used as login in multiple places.

S10 Password Vault can log you in automatically to favorite websites/programs after it has been launched.


S10 Password Vault is a great utility, useful for users that need the highest level of data security available today and welcome the data storing capabilities of this program.

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