RPM Remote Print Manager Select

RPM Remote Print Manager Select for Windows

RPM Remote Print Manager Select

An advanced application which features numerous TCP/IP Printing functions that are not normally found within Host over IP printing situations

RPM Remote Print Manager Select is a comprehensive application designed to assist you in setting up printing jobs for different printers connected to your computer, locally or through a network. It enables you to select advanced printing options, as well as schedule multiple print jobs.

Files scheduled for printing

You may add numerous printing jobs to the wait list, along with the date when they are scheduled to start, the designated printer and the number of days it should be kept in the print log. You need to specify one or more actions assigned to each file, such as send to text printer, raw printer or send via email.

Alternatively, the software can perform advanced file transformation, such as character conversion from ISO 8859-1 to UTF-8 or translate UNIX language to DOS. Also, it can remove spaces, format lines, remove limit bytes, insert break pages or markers, as well as apply COR process to text markup. On output, files may be converted from text markup to HTML, PCL or PDF.

Waiting list and active jobs

Each printing job can receive a completion status, can be suspended, interrupted or appended at any time. In order to activate a job, you need to select one device from the list of connected printers or associated email clients. The software supports multiple printers that are connected straight to your computer, but it can also manage jobs for remote printers, via a server or a network.

Advanced printing and processing features

You can create multiple printing queues and attach files or commands to it, then send it to one or multiple printers at the same time. The software supports saving documents onto the computer, with a variety of configurable options, through the Archive to folder function.

Additionally, you can set up the Filter function, which runs a specific program each time a document is received via email. You may set an alert each time you receive files by email. You may also send printing documents or queues by email. Moreover, the software can place a print job in another queue for further customization


RPM Remote Print Manager Select is an advanced tool that enables you to manage a large volume of printing jobs and queues for local devices, as well as send files over the local network to a remote printer. It can file content and convert character codes, as well as format text, insert markers or transform text markup to other file types.

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