Rocrail 12546 Crack

Rocrail 12546 Crack

Rocrail 12546 Crack

Rocrail 12546 Crack

Rocrail is a free application for Windows, Android, and more designed to control model train layouts.

Rocrail allows train and tech lovers to control their model railroad and accessories completely. Your trains can be either manually controlled or completely controlled by the software in automatic mode. There is also a mixed operation that allows you to control some trains manually and other trains in fully automatic mode.

Rocrail has a few different applications for train control:

  • A Dispatcher Panel for manually operating an analog or digital train
  • Continuous digital operations, semi automatic, or based on schedules, or Automatic
  • Control of car systems, ambient lighting systems (weather, time of day simulation) and other accessories

    Rocrail can be used three different ways:

  • Rocview – the traditional user interface, installed with Rocrail
  • Rocweb – web client for all (also mobile) devices
  • andRoc – for all Android based devices

    Rocrail has so many features one could write a book on it. If you’re new to it, we recommend you start with theirĀ Step-by-Step Tutorial.

    Editor’s Note:
    The Android version is an APK file. Download takes you to the developer’s website to download the latest.

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