RemotePC 7.3.2 Crack

RemotePC 7.3.2 Crack

RemotePC 7.3.2 For Mac App Store

RemotePC 7.3.2 Crack

Access and control computers from a remote location, transfer files between the devices, and effortlessly record the connection sessions

RemotePC provides a straightforward solution to connect to remote computers, control them with ease, and even transfer documents between the devices. The app includes an instant messaging tool and can record the working sessions.

Remote access tool that can work with or without relying on an account

Within the RemotePC main window you get to view the automatically generated Instant Access ID and Key: just share these details with anyone and they will be able to connect to your Mac either to completely control it or only to transfer files.

However, you may also register for an account to keep a list of computers to which you can connect. You get to register free of charge to try the service on a single machine, and upgrade your subscription plan if you need access to more workstations.

RemotePC comes with a search tool for the computer list and automatically sorts the devices by their status: online, in session, or offline. Keep in mind that you still need the user defined security key to establish a connection.

Control the remote computer and use the built-in chat for support sessions

Even though RemotePC can be utilized merely to access your own devices and transfer documents between them, the utility can also be used to deliver remote assistance.

RemotePC enables you to control the remote workstations completely, while the built-in instant messaging tool can help you explain your actions.

For a better experience, RemotePC allows you to adjust the connection window, gives you the option to decide if you need better quality or better speed, and can modify the screen resolution. Moreover, you can lock or force quit the remote workstation, or black the host screen.

RemotePC enables you to record the connection sessions, and will export the captured video using the M4V file format, to a location of your choice, as soon as you stop the process.

Connect to remote workstations to get access to documents or to provide support to other users

All in all, RemotePC proposes a user-friendly solution to access devices from a remote location without dealing with complex configuration procedures. You can either rely on the Instant Access ID or register for an account to create a list of computers you need to go back to.

Thanks to the built-in File Transfer tool, RemotePC can be used to move documents in both directions. At the same time, the instant messenger can facilitate communication during presentations or when offering support to others.

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