Receipts 1.5.0 Crack

Receipts 1.5.0 – Enhance your incoming invoice management.

Receipts 1.5.0 Crack

Receipts enhances your incoming invoice management.

  • Recognize: Receipts recognizes gross invoice amount, slip date, declared sales tax, currency, and bank account details automatically and, thus enables the busy user to speed up his incoming receipts management.
  • Classify: Receipts’ smart character recognition identifies once recorded providers automatically, and thus is able to capture recurring documents correctly and assign to the right category.
  • Analyze: Apart from bar graphs and pie chats in the dashboard giving a quick glance at expenditures by periods, providers and categories, export function enables you to analyze recorded data individually and to enhance your tax declaration


Version 1.5.0:

  • Credit and Debit – The “credit” or “debit” option is now available per document. It will show up as positive or negative values for export and charts. Current entries are converted to debit by default. The Dashboard adds some more related analysis as well. Likeweise, the integration with the German tax application Steuererklä (German) has been improved and the revenue is now pre-filled as well.
  • Detailed VAT Values – VAT amounts are now split corresponding to the personal settings. A smart UI helps to assign the correct values and signals possible wrong values. Old entries are migrated automatically by a smart algorithm. If there were problems in the migration process the entries remain untouched and are put into “Unconfirmed” again for manual review.
  • Import Invoices from GrandTotal – If you are using the great GrandTotal app for invoicing you can now do a one-click-import from there. Tip: As you probably already know, there is already an integration the other way around to use Receipts entries as invoice entries.
  • Search and Filters – The search syntax has been improved to better support search for tags. Please take into consideration, that the meaning of # has changed. Additionally, the current view can now be filtered by time period, contacts, category, tags and amounts.
  • Text recognition (OCR) can now be canceled and will always stop after a time out of one minute per page
  • Configurable columns for export
  • Open original mails and web pages in their respective apps
  • Paste MoneyMoney entries as placeholders for receipts.
  • Drag files on empty document placeholder
  • Renamed “provider” to “contact” (in German: “Anbieter” to “Kontakt”)
  • Latest OCR engine (Tesseract 3.05.00)
  • OCR is performed in parallel now, making use of all CPU cores
  • HTML-to-PDF conversion is performed in parallel
  • Smaller database size
  • Improved stability in general



OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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