RationalPlan Viewer 4.15.7389 For Windows

RationalPlan Viewer 4.15.7389 For Windows

RationalPlan Viewer 4.15.7389 for Windows

RationalPlan Viewer 4.15.7389 For Windows

Easily view projects produced with certain applications, analyze risks, budget plans and resources and verify working hours per day

RationalPlan Viewer is a comprehensive and reliable application worth having when you need to open Microsoft Project files, view projects’ evolution into the smallest detail and export them to other formats.

Create plans for budgets, resources, employees, and more

Creating Gantt charts and specialized diagrams allows you to schedule a new project from the beginning, allocate the right resources, create budget plans and set a start and end time. However, there are several people, such as stakeholders who need to view, analyze and inspect these projects’ evolution, without performing any additional changes, and here is where RationalPlan Viewer comes in handy.

Working with this application, you are able to view such charts, resources, assignments and budget plans. In this manner, you can easily view the total costs, the scheduled tasks and required materials.

The left panel, entitled ‘Project Guide’, displays all of the available information you need to view into any project and chart.

Work with calendars, risk assesment, and notes

The Project section contains five categories namely ‘Info’, ‘Notes & Links’, ‘Calendar’, ‘Assumptions and Constraints’ and ‘Risks’. This way, you are able to view the project name, code and scope, allocated budget, estimated start date, personal notes, scheduled events, working hours and risks that might appear during the project’s execution.

By accessing the Planning section you are able to view and analyze the assigned resources for each worker, the total costs for each task, allocated materials and required equipments.

In case you want to view the working hours per day, week or month, the work unit, the currency and date format, you can access the Options window. Additionally, you are able to modify the color for each task, configure the e-mail server settings and add a new storage account such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive.

To sum it up

Considering all of the above, RationalPlan Viewer enables you to easily view Gantt charts and analyze related information about each project such as costs, scheduled tasks and required materials.

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