QuickKey 1.5 Crack

QuickKey 1.5 Crack

QuickKey 1.5 – Easy Text Expansion for Mac.

QuickKey 1.5 Crack

Save time typing by expanding short abbreviations into long phrases, code snippets, or entire paragraphs. QuickKey allows you to insert expanded text into any app with a single keyboard shortcut. Stop typing repetitive phrases over and over, and make your life easier with QuickKey.

Some ways you can use QuickKey:

– Quickly insert text like your address or commonly repeated phrases.
– Set up custom e-mail signatures to insert on demand.
– Quickly respond to e-mails with boilerplate replies.
– Insert snippets of code you use frequently.

QuickKey also supports variables, so you can define placeholders to fill with whatever text you choose when inserting a snippet.

QuickKey syncs with iCloud so your shortcuts are available on all your Macs. The companion iOS app is coming soon.


Version 1.5:

  • NEW: Supports date insertion for both short and long dates (see preferences)
  • IMPROVED: Shortcut key now dismisses the window if it is already open
  • FIXED: iCloud error that could cause QuickKey to fail to load & other small bugs


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

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