ProxyInspector Standard Edition 3.8.2538 Crack

ProxyInspector Standard Edition 3.8.2538 Crack

ProxyInspector Standard Edition 3.8.2538 for Windows

ProxyInspector Standard Edition 3.8.2538 Crack

You can view information retrieved from log files of proxy servers, regarding the usage of Internet: website access, traffic distribution or protocols

ProxyInspector Standard Edition is a reliable application designed to extract and process log information from proxy servers. It can reveal Internet usage parameters for a particular station or all the computers in a local network. The program can generate comprehensive reports or summaries.

Collect information from online sources

ProxyInspector Standard Edition can retrieve data from commonly used proxy servers services, as well as corporate firewall appliances, to create an overview of the Internet usage on your PC.

It can extract information from several reliable sources, such as WinGate, Microsoft ISA servers, Kerio Control/WinRoute, WinProxy, Squid, EServ, FortiGate or Cisco ASA. You may only select a single source before starting the program.

The report can easily be customized since the first step in creating one is starting the wizard function. The tool guides you through each stage of the process, including the selection of the subject, the filtering criteria and the analyzed interval.

Program with a friendly interface

ProxyInspector Standard Edition’s main window is segmented into useful menus, such as common tasks, shortcuts to generating quick reports, Top 10s and a template creator. You may select any of the options and be directed to the afferent function or explore the menus in the toolbar.

The reports can reflect the visited websites, the Internet browsing history, downloaded files, search phrases or accessed videos on YouTube and similar sites. You may base the report on server information, users, workgroups, IP addresses, content type, protocols used or firewall rules. You may further filter the object of the reports by selecting the traffic categories.

Wizard to interface display

Once you set all the details, the wizard closes and the result is displayed in the ProxyInspector Standard Edition’s main interface, in the Report tab. You can inspect the report using the quick navigation list on the side panel, save, print or email it to a series of recipients. Alternatively, you can open previously created reports and highlight important entries.

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