Pritunl 1.0.1436.36 Crack

Pritunl 1.0.1436.36 for Windows

Pritunl 1.0.1436.36 Crack

User-friendly and well-put-together piece of software that allows you to effortlessly import, manage, and configure OpenVPN profiles

PritunlĀ is a stylish, minimalist and user-friendly OpenVPN client that provides you with one of the fastest ways of connecting to OpenVPN servers by allowing you to import profiles and slightly configure the existing connections.

Import, manage and edit OpenVPN configuration profiles with the help of this simplistic app

Basically, the application enables you to import as many OpenVPN profiles as you like, without any types of limitations, from your computer’s hard drive or by using the URI with the Pritunl servers.

It might be worth pointing out that the application boasts a very modern UI, with funky and youthful colors and smooth menu transition effects. The installation procedure is a very straightforward one since it does not require any type of intervention on your part.

Probably the simplest way of dealing with OpenVPN configuration profiles or files

Once you load at least one profile, you are provided with a few extra options. For example, you can input a different set of credentials for each imported OpenVPN profile, as well as rename or remove them just as quickly.

You should be able to see both the server and the client IP address in the designated field and an online timer once the connection has been established. You may notice that the app also sports a Settings section, from where you can view both the system and service logs for the app. It’s also the place from where you can close the application to the Tray, and that’s all there is to it.

A bare-bones yet highly efficient open-source OpenVPN client

To sum it up, Pritunl is actually a fairly useful piece of software, in spite of its simplicity. It provides you with an intuitive and modern environment for managing OpenVPN profiles.

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