Power Plan Assistant 3.2d Crack

Power Plan Assistant 3.2d  Crack

Power Plan Assistant 3.2d  Crack Free DownloadPower Plan Assistant 3.2d  Crack

Power Plan Assistant 3.2d  Crack is a power management tool for Windows 7 and 8 laptops, that offers a unique set of features designed to complement the functionality of these two operating systems.

It also includes special features for Apple Macbook Pro/Air running under Windows 7 via Boot Camp. With Power Plan Assistant, users can disable keyboard backlight or turn on/off the automatic keyboard backlight level adjustment for Windows 7 Macbooks. The program offers these features for Windows 7, which were previously available only on Mac OS X while maintain Boot Camp’s native hardware controls.


– Lets you easily switch between any of your power plans (Windows default power plans and custom power plans).
– View the currently active power plan via taskbar icon.
– Lets you power off the display instantly.
– Automated switch between power plans based on battery level or using the built-in actions (to High Performance or Balanced when you plugin in the laptop/ to Power Saver or Balanced when you unplug it).
– Customizable action on placing mouse cursor at the top-left corner of the screen: power off display instantly, lock workstation or toggle Windows Flip 3D.

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