Postage 3.2.18 Crack

Postage 3.2.18 for Windows

Postage 3.2.18 Crack

Thoroughly and effortlessly manage and administer your PostgreSQL database projects with the help of this Electron-based utility

 Managing and administrating PostgreSQL databases with command-line-based tools is probably the most straightforward solution (considering you have the proper knowledge) although it is clearly not what you would call novice-accessible.

Fortunately, you can significantly simplify this process by taking advantage of intuitive graphical user interfaces and a set of streamlined tools packed by specialized PostgreSQL administration tools, such as Postage, which aims to be a valid alternative to other, more popular solutions, for example, pgAdmin.

Cross-platform PostgreSQL administration tool that can be launched without effort

The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that Postage is actually an Electron-based application. This said, it can be deployed and run just as efficiently on all major operating systems to date, namely Windows, macOS and Linux.

You can get started with this application in just a few seconds by undergoing a streamlined installation process. Once launched and upon first launching the utility, you are greeted by the app’s main window and a typical Login screen.

As expected, you are required to enter a set of credentials such as host, port, database name, username and password in order to connect to a PostgreSQL database.

User-friendly and smooth running user interface

Within just a few minutes time, you should be able to get to grips with utility since it sports a very intuitive and modern-looking user interface.

The layout is very well thought-out and the features are neatly organized in drop-down menus that, we must point out, are automatically highlighted once accessed.

Feature-rich tool for PostgreSQL database management

The application bundles all the necessary and rudimentary features for tools of this sort such as an advanced syntax highlighting editor, an auto-complete tool for database objects that allows you to pull schema, table and column names, as well as an ACE code editor.

Just as noteworthy is the fact that Postage also bundles multiple visualization tools that allow you to view PostgreSQL data such as dependencies and dependents in graph format. In addition, it also packs a ‘datasheet view’ feature with multi-record copy and paste capabilities.

A valid alternative to other PostgreSQL utilities

To conclude, Postage is an efficient, modern-looking utility for managing PostgreSQL databases and it is well worth your attention if you are looking for an alternative to other tools of this sort.

The application runs on all three major OSes out there, looks good, runs smoothly and packs the right amount of features in order to keep both novice and more advanced users satisfied.

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