Porting Kit 2.7.14 Crack

Porting Kit 2.7.14 Crack

Porting Kit 2.7.14

Porting Kit 2.7.14 Crack

Games management solution that integrates downloading capabilities uses Wineskin to offer you the possibility to play Windows games on your Mac

Porting Kit aims to streamline the download and installation process of Windows games on your Mac computer. The utility makes use of the Wineskin engine and allows you to browse an online collection of both free and commercial games that can be deployed to your Mac.

Straightforward solution for playing Windows games that have been ported for the Mac

The ultimate goal behind the Porting Kit application is to make the download and installation process of ported games as user-friendly as possible.

Within the Porting Kit application, you get to browse the online collection of supported games, and choose the ones that you want to deploy on your Mac.

Note that Porting Kit does not support pirated copies: for commercial games, the app prompts you for the game’s archive in order to complete the installation.

Review games, watch trailers, and let Porting Kit deal with the deployment process

For each title, Porting Kit provides a small description and even allows you to watch the game trailer in a separate window. If you want to actually play the game, press the download button and Porting Kit will start making the necessary configurations.

Porting Kit takes care of everything automatically, with minimal user interaction. On the other hand, take into consideration that you need to run the game installer within Wineskin.

Worth mentioning is that Porting Kit will run the original game installers, which might try to install third party apps or plug-ins, could try to change your browser’s homepage, and so on.

It is still advisable as a rule to pay attention to the settings before going ahead with installing new software. However, Porting Kit is using Wineskin to provide support for the Windows games, so the Windows installers cannot either access or modify your Mac apps.

Play your favorite Windows games on your Mac

To conclude, Porting Kit helps you download, install, and organize Windows games on your Mac with the help of the Wineskin engine. The utility only helps you deal with the configuration process, including when dealing with commercial games (you need the installer).

In addition, in the Porting Kit Rankings panel you can view the latest added ports, the most popular games, and the ones that have the highest rating. You can also connect with other members of the community via the Porting Kit forums.

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