Portable A’s Video Converter 7.2.2 Crack

Portable A's Video Converter 7.2.2 Crack

Portable A’s Video Converter 7.2.2 for Windows

Portable A's Video Converter 7.2.2 Crack

Convert multiple video files at once using Microsoft, AMD, Intel and Nvidia encoders, as well as modify the clips with the built-in editor

Portable A’s Video Converter is a lightweight and efficient piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you a straightforward method of turning videos from one format to another, while also being able to edit various aspects of the output file, including size, framerate or duration.

Clear-cut and accessible looks

The utility can be run immediately after decompressing the archive, as its installation is not necessary for it to function properly, provided that its prerequisites are met.

The clean and simple user interface that Portable A’s Video Converter displays will pose little problem, even to less computer-savvy individuals.

Swiftly convert your videos using AMD, Intel and Microsoft encoders

In order to get started, you first need to load the movies that you want to process; this can be done either one item at a time or by opening a whole directory at once. However, make sure it only contains videos, as the program does not discriminate between formats and will load all the comprised files.

Portable A’s Video Converter comes with a built-in media player and editor, which enables you to view as well as modify various aspects of the movie. From the ‘Transcode Settings’ section, you can alter several audio and visual configuration options, or you can resize, crop, deinterlace and change the frame rate of the file.

The program also allows you to modify the destination folder as well as the ‘Audio Index’ and the ‘Audio Delay’. Both the audio and the video can be converted, or you can simply export the audio stream from a movie.

A handy tool for video encoding operations

To conclude, Portable A’s Video Converter is a useful and easy to understand application that you can resort to whenever you wish to turn movies to other formats or extract the audio from a video file.

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