Portable streamWriter Crack

Portable streamWriter Crack

Portable streamWriter Build 753 for Windows

Portable streamWriter Crack

Simple solution for accessing a plethora of online radio stations, organizing them into folders and for capturing music from them automatically

Portable streamWriter is the no-install release of streamWriter application, which is designed to record audio streams from online radio stations.

Initial configuration wizard instead of installation

Even if the installation routine is skipped immediately after launching the executable file there is an initial configuration wizard to go through.

It is a simple operation that helps set the working language, the storage path for the application data and enabling automatic updates. Additional options include the possibility to impose bandwidth limitations.

Looks and usability

The interface is simple and quite intuitive, with a list of online radio stations running down in the right hand part of the screen and the play options present at the top of the screen.

It features the possibility to add the radio streams to user-defined folders for better organization of the stations and to search for resources according to the genre played and quality of the stream. A rating system also contributes to further organizing the streams.


However, one of the most impressive features of the product is its ability to record from multiple streams at once. You can enable recording from as many sources as you want and streamWriter takes care of the task.

When the audio recording process stops the data is accessible from the main application window and you can also listen to it using the built-in audio player.

Additional functionality refers to searching for the radio stations that played a particular song and enable recording it automatically when played again.


The portable version of streamWriter does not require installation and it provides access to a wide range of online radio stations that can be organized into folders. Moreover, it features the possibility to record from multiple resources trying to split the tracks when silence is detected.

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