Portable Multi Commander Crack

Portable Multi Commander

 Portable Multi Commander Crack

A very user-friendly and powerful file manager that covers all the needs of beginner and professional users, providing access to a collection of helpful utilities

Portable Multi Commander is a versatile file manager that was designed as an alternative to Windows Explorer, boasting the essentials that users need in order to streamline their workflow.

Portable Multi Commander sports a multi-tabbed approach and a dual-pane interface, somewhat similar to Total Commander if you’re familiar with it. It is equipped with the basics of a file manager, although advanced operations that target experienced users are also encased in its feature set.

It is the to-go version of Multi Commander, built as an equivalent of the installer version, as it does not write to the system registry and can be run from a removable drive.

The array of functions that Portable Multi Commander puts at your disposal is outstanding, to say the least and on top of that, incredibly rich, so much so that reviewing its whole functionality would take a few pages.

Using it, you can handle directories incredibly fast and perform operations such as copy, move, rename or view way faster than the traditional Windows approach. There’s a quick toolbar inside the main window with access to common functions such as show or hide folders, make directory, select duplicate or missing files, alongside options to remember or toggle file selections.

Other highlights include the possibility to pack and unpack archives, compare folders, advanced clipboard functionality, text conversion, file encoding / decoding, set file and folder permissions, to name just a few.

In addition, it sports a collection of shortcuts to various functions of the Windows Control Panel, as well as a set of extensions that allow for advanced file search, multi-rename operations and file checksum.

All in all, Portable Multi Commander seems like a very stable and steady file manager that can easily replace the traditional way Windows provides in this respect, granting access to a world of whole new possibilities.

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