Portable Maxthon Crack

Portable Maxthon

 Portable Maxthon Crack

A web browser packed with tons of features to enhance your browsing experience, including an ad blocker and a fully customizable interface

Maxthon Portable a powerful web browser that has a lot of interesting and useful features.

Since it is a portable product, Maxthon does not require any installation, so the Windows registry entries remain unchanged. You can also place the software on an external device, like a USB flash drive, and run it from there.

The user interface of Maxthon is simplistic and easy to navigate through. By default, the user panel on the left grants you access to the menu, favorites list, download manager, feed reader, and online notepad, but you can customize it. Plus, with Maxthon Passport you can create an account to sync favorites and encrypt storage.

In the web browser’s menu you can start a new private session, save a webpage as an image or quick app, switch to split screen, lock Maxthon by using your Passport account, change the skin and fully customize the user interface, import or export user data, and more.

By default, Maxthon uses the Ultra Mode (allows you to effortlessly browse webpages), but it can be switched to Retro Mode, so that you can load older webpages that are unsupported by newer standards.

Furthermore, you can translate a whole page or selected text, take a snaphost of the entire page or a region, enable auto-form filling (i.e. Magic Fill), set up bookmark groups to open at startup, or use Resource Sniffer to detect and download contents from a webpage (video, audio, image).

In addition, you can switch the user interface to night mode (to protect your eyes when you are surfing the web in the middle of the night), use mouse gestures, URL short keys or a URL alias, quickly save images by clicking when holding the CTRL key, use Super Drag and Drop (to open new pages and images or to perform a web search in a new tab), restore last closed page with a button, and more.

Portable Maxthon is a fast and secured browser that can be completely customized according to your preferences, and it has both fun and practical features that set it apart from other web browsers. We strongly recommend you use it.

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