Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 4.80.00 Crack

Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 4.80.00 Crack

Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 4.80.00 for Windows

Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 4.80.00 Crack

Lightweight application which enables you to forward up to 30 e-mail messages, as well as schedule them, view logs and backup all data

Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 is a software tool developed in order to help individuals retrieve and forward e-mails to other accounts.

Use it on any machine

This is the portable counterpart of ForwardMail Advanced30, which means the installation process can be bypassed with ease. Consequently, you should know it will not add new files or entries to the Windows registry without your approval, and it will leave no traces upon its removal.

Another notable piece of information is that you can easily copy the program files to an external data drive and thus, run Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 on any computer you can get your hands on, by simply clicking the EXE.

A myriad of configurable settings

This software utility enables you to retrieve and forward incoming mail messages to other accounts (up to 30). In order to set up an account, you are required to input a name, check period (expressed in minutes), address, user ID, password, and POP and SMTP servers. Aside from that, you can delete incoming mails after forwarding, use size filters and special header operations (limit subject length, strip additional address info, add domain name to address etc.), as well as convert and forward all HTML and TXT parts of HTML mails.

It is also possible to schedule forwards to for specific hours and days, reboot communication process if it gets stuck for more than a user-defined number of minutes, and password-protect the entire app.


Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Portable ForwardMail Advanced30 is a fairly decent piece of software, with a good response time and an intuitive environment. It does not hinder the computer’s performance and presents well-organized Help contents. However, novice users might have a little trouble when trying to configure all the settings.

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