Portable FinalMesh Crack

Portable FinalMesh Crack

Portable FinalMesh for Windows

Portable FinalMesh Crack

An intuitive and simple to use application that enables you to view, analyze, convert and publish 3D models, as PDFs or WebGL formats

Portable FinalMesh is a reliable software that enables you to view 3D models in a sophisticated environment, with multiple tools for object analysis. The application can also convert 3D scenes to PDF, images and WebGL formats, in order for you to publish them online. Moreover, when saving the model to PDF, the software can preserve the 3D attributes of the object.

Viewer and analyzer

Portable FinalMesh is easy to use and allows you to open multiple types of 3D files or regular images, then save them to PDF, WebGL or simply to another picture format. The software features a modern looking interface and offers advanced tools for object analysis and light casting simulation.

The viewer mode allows you to open the 3D model, rotate in either direction, according to the three axes, as well as analyze its structure. Inspecting a 3D object in Portable FinalMesh implies that you can either view its building structure, or analyze the layers it contains. You may view a model as solid object, as wireframe, vertices or as an illustration.

Scene creation and analysis

Portable FinalMesh enables you to open 3D models, but also to build new scenes that you can export. In the creator mode, you start with a blank canvas that you can fill by importing objects from local 3D files or use the templates offered by the software. While Portable FinalMesh allows you to analyze and perform minor edits on the objects, it is not a model editor.

You may rotate the object, enlarge it or simulate light casting on its surface, then export the current view to PDF and WebGL. Moreover, you may select or deselect the composing layers, in order to view and analyze the structure’s materials, textures, cameras, even motion path. Additionally, the software can display the coordinates of the object’s position, its geometry type and the materials used in creating it.

Easily publish 3D models online

With Portable FinalMesh, publishing your 3D objects to the Internet is simple. The software allows you to save the model as a 3D file or export it as PDF, image or WebGL format. The PDF is suitable for embedding on websites or in presentations, since it maintains the 3D attributes of the object. Moreover, Portable FinalMesh offers you technical information that you can publish as creation notes.

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