PDQ Deploy Crack

PDQ Deploy Crack

PDQ Deploy for Windows

PDQ Deploy Crack

A fast and reliable software utility designed to help users, remotely deploy multiple updates and install applications on other computers

Managing several workstations connected to the same network or Active Directory domain is a complex task and system administrators have their hands full when it comes to keeping all computers up to date.

To alleviate this kind of issues, applications like PDQ Deploy are available on the market and this particular software is made to take care of various deployments that are necessary, even on a regular basis.

The friendly interface has all the features neatly organized and easily accessible, with a generous library of downloadable packages that can be then installed onto the target systems. The great thing about this program is that it enables users to create their own, customizable packages and have them ready for deployment.

From the built-in library it is possible to distribute across the network updates for various runtimes, document handling apps, messaging clients and pretty much any other software. Another neat characteristic of PDQ Deploy is the fact that it makes available several uninstallers that can be used to clean the remnants of stubborn apps that leave behind many leftovers.

In order to deploy a certain package it is mandatory that the target list is chosen first and creating one is a very simple job. When it comes to choosing the computers, there are several options, including Active Directory, Spiceworks or PDQ Inventory systems, as well as providing an existing list or a text file that contains the necessary data.

All the deployments take place in real time and if the remote PCs are configured to receive updates and allow installations things should go on smoothly. The scheduler is another great addition as it enables admins to automate the tasks easily.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that PDQ Deploy can be a really good helper and thanks to the many useful functions this software is one of the best of its kind.

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