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Easily convert PDFs to Quicken financial documents by parsing the information contained in the source files, with this simple tool

PDF2QIF is a simple to use application that allows you to quickly transfer financial data from PDFs to QIF documents. The purpose of the program is to help you use the information from PDFs in software such as Quicken or MS Money. You may easily map the data file, for a correct reading.

Loading transaction records from PDFs

PDF2QIF is an intuitive application that facilitates the data manipulation as soon as you open it. It allows you to immediately load the PDF and parse the information contained within. Alternatively, you can extract the data from the clipboard and arrange it so that it suits the current structure by reviewing the mapping process.

PDF2QIF allows you to preview the information in a comprehensive table that can accommodate detailed transaction records. For instance, you may view basic information, such as date, payment amount, payee or address, but also account name and reimbursement options.

Import information from the clipboard

PDF2QIF allows you to insert data that you copied into the clipboard, from other types of files. You simply need to make sure that the information features the required structure, for the mapping to be correctly performed.

The Source tab allows you to view the raw data, in the manner that you imported it. The Transactions tab displays the data separated into columns and allows you to modify certain entries, to add or remove rows.

You need to select the type of statement you loaded and chose the output format. The target may be a Quicken file, an MS Money, a cashbook, NetSuite or YNAB file.

Convert or print data

PDF2QIF allows you to start the conversion after the information has been successfully loaded and all the settings have been made. Alternatively, you may print the data from the program, discard the configuration and load the previous file or choose your preferences in the Settings tab.

NOTE: You can unlock a 3-day trial, with unlimited number of files processing function and 10 transactions per file, by requesting a free registration code.

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